Dr. Paolo Casadei graduated in dentistry and dental prostheses at the University of Bologna in 1997 with a vote of 110 and praise with a thesis of oral pathology. He attended the Department of Conservative and Endodontic Prof. Dondi From the Clock as a graduate student for two years. This experience increased his belief in the importance of enhancing the dental element by trying "conservatively" to keep it. He then attended courses concerning the implant-prosthetic and periodontal field held by the most renowned national rapporteurs. In 2008 he attended a two-year course of orthodontics, considering the interdisciplinarity of the different dental branches as fundamental.

In 2016 we began using laser therapy for less invasive surgical interventions but also for sealing children's cavities and reducing the sensitivity of the gums. Great results are also achieved in whitening using the laser compared to traditional systems. The laser is also useful in periodontal therapy and peri-implant cases, reducing the risk of loss of dental element.

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